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The Windows 10 operating system has already been around for several years and maybe it’s time for a change. However, before the “ten” waits for the successor, we will get another Windows system, in the Lite version.
According to Petri, the first test versions of the new Windows are expected to appear in the summer. It is difficult to say if Microsoft decides to release them publicly. The basic question, however, concerns the role that the new operating system would play.

We can see the official announcement of the system in May at the Microsoft Build conference. Microsoft’s Lite version targets the entry-level devices (cheap laptops, tablets), so it’s hard to talk about the successor of Windows 10. It’s more likely that Windows Lite was developed for laptops with ARM chips. As you know, smart Snapdragon processors in smartphones have not been particularly strong in Windows 10 so far.

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This is what the new Windows is supposed to look like. The graphics are of course a mockup created by Brad Sams (photo by Petri)

We even saw the alleged appearance of Microsoft’s new operating system. The system will still have a file explorer, but the launcher itself will be more like Android than Windows 10.

However, the most important thing is that Windows Lite should enable normal running of programs created as part of the Universal Windows Platform and Progressive Web Apps. It is possible that the system will also support older soft. If the giant from Redmond manages to create a Lite version, which works effectively on weaker devices, which will allow to run applications from “large” Windows, then it may turn out that soon users of older computer hardware will also switch to it.