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Windows 10 integrates more and more with Android smartphones, which became possible with the development of the Your Phone application. Soon another news will appear and it will be receiving and making phone calls directly on the computer. This feature has been available on Apple devices for several years.

Your phone is an application that is constantly receiving new features. Soon, users of Windows 10 and Android smartphones will be able to make and receive phone calls directly on computers. Microsoft announced such a novelty during Unpacked, where Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphones were shown.

Microsoft explains that your phone will receive integration with Android smartphones and thanks to this the user will be able to answer the incoming call as well as make outgoing calls on the computer. You will also be able to disconnect the caller or send him a text message.

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The above mentioned news will receive your phone later this year. The exact date has not been specified. Recently, the same application has got deep integration with notifications coming to Android smartphones. The mere possibility of receiving calls and calling from computers is not new. MacOS has been offering these functions for several years.