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Admittedly, the title itself sounds like a dream – an ATM from which you can withdraw any amount of money regardless of the actual financial situation would certainly be welcomed by most people living on the planet. Unfortunately, these are just dreams, and if we even tried to transfer them to reality, we would probably end up just like our hero. Let’s start from the beginning.

Qin Qisheng is a 43-year-old Chinese citizen and an employee of Huaxia Bank, which includes a programmatic position there. During the observation of the banking system, he detected that around midnight no correctly paid payments are being recorded. The “smart” computer worker decided to add some creative inventions to the source code and inserted a special script into the system that removed alerts about “insufficient funds on the account”. In this way, he found a way to withdraw any amount of money.

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Qin Qisheng

He began collecting cash in November 2016 – the bank realized that there is something wrong just … in January last year. Qin has managed to do around 1350 payouts for a total million dollars by then. Interestingly, the bank did not want to expose its image and did not want to amplify the whole matter too much. The employee reportedly returned most of the money and stated that he did all this only to test the bank’s “security”.

The court was not very kind and could not be persuaded by the Chinese’s argument – his appeal was rejected and sentenced to 10 and a half years in prison. The good intentions of the programmer were not given credence, as it turned out that the money was transferred to a personal account and some cash invested in the stock market.