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The government did not like the Microsoft search engine?

The Chinese government is known for its censorship. Chinese Internet (of course the natural one, which users without VPN and other solutions have access to) is free from any topic that the authorities consider unfavorable – such as Tibet issues. In China, many websites are also blocked – Facebook, YouTube, and now Bing joins this group.

Users of the network from the People’s Republic of China have for some time reported that the website is not working for them – Internet users from other countries can use it without any problems. We know from anonymous sources that the state telecommunications company China Unicom has confirmed that this step was dictated by the PRC government.

We do not know what is the reason for this decision. Microsoft tried to adhere to China’s censorship policy, and that’s why Bing could function alongside national content search engines. It is possible that power ceased to suit his actions, so they decided to just get rid of him.

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It could have been a chance for Google. However, after internal protests, the company decided to give up the idea of ​​creating a censored search engine for the Chinese market. Now, however, maybe the plans will return and Dragonfly will try to pick up a piece of the Baidu cake, which currently controls over 70% of China’s search engine market.

In official statements, Microsoft asserts that it is investigating the matter and is aware that Middle Eastern users do not have access to Bing. The company, however, does not confirm reports of communist government activities.

Facebook and YouTube have not operated in China for years. In 2017, WhatsApp also disappeared from that network. Now Bing joins the exiles. Will the government of Xi Jinping get rid of all unnecessary sites from its Internet?