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Bonjur, In my first review I will show you How to make secure and anonymous calls with free Telegram Messenger. Telegram is open source and free mobile and desktop messenger, it is available on mobile phones (Andoird, IOS) and on Desktop systems (Windows, Mac). We can text anonymous messages and make secure calls using this great application. This is how Telegram (Desktop Version) look :

Telegram Windows Version

How to make secure calls with Telegram

It’s very easy first we need to choose contact from our list, and then just click “Call”, telegram will exchange connection keys with your contact and will make 100 % secure end-to-end encrypted calls, keys are known only with you and your contact (connection keys are not stored on telegram servers), keys are exchange using secure diffie-hellman algorithm.

We can change in setting that we want to make p2p connection, or connection thru telegram servers 🙂 I prefer to use second option, you can change this option in Telegram settings (Peer-to-peer in calls)

You can download telegram from