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PlayStation 3 production was discontinued in May 2017, 11 years after the premiere. It would seem that this is tantamount to sending the equipment back to the dustbin of history. None of these things. A little unexpectedly, on February 14, the “update of the console software” went online.

Patch number 4.84 replaces version 4.83 from October 2018. But then the reason for the update was clear, namely the PS3Xploit vulnerability was patched, allowing unauthorized software, including pirated versions of games, to be run on PlayStation 3. The reason for the release of the new firmware is probably similar, but now the company from Tokyo won the crackers race and published the appropriate patch before the exploit saw the light of day.

Update, typically for PS3, can be downloaded either via PlayStation Network, after connecting the console to the internet, or as a file to perform the update locally from the USB flash memory. The file size 218.7 MB and, according to the manufacturer, it requires additional 200 MB of free disk space for proper installation. Non-upgraded hardware will not connect to the PSN.