Another Apple slip – using certificates, pirates distributed hacked versions of iOS applications

One spy application was enough for the whole Apple Enterprise Certificate idea to be ruined. First, we learned that by using the certificate from the giant Cupertino Facebook could get data about users, then it turned out that Google did it too. Soon after, it came to light that in this way, applications related to […]


PlayStation 3 System Software 4.84 – unexpected software upgrade

PlayStation 3 production was discontinued in May 2017, 11 years after the premiere. It would seem that this is tantamount to sending the equipment back to the dustbin of history. None of these things. A little unexpectedly, on February 14, the “update of the console software” went online. Patch number 4.84 replaces version 4.83 from […]


The two-step Google account verification screen will be refreshed

Proper protection of your data against possible attack is an extremely important activity that should be done immediately after creating any account. More and more companies or parties are deciding to implement the so-called two-factor verification, an even more advanced protection system that hampers potential theft of our account. Google introduced such a mechanism in […]

atm logo

The programmer found a gap in the ATM. Over the course of a year he paid out illegally a million dollars.

Admittedly, the title itself sounds like a dream – an ATM from which you can withdraw any amount of money regardless of the actual financial situation would certainly be welcomed by most people living on the planet. Unfortunately, these are just dreams, and if we even tried to transfer them to reality, we would probably […]