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Although Windows Defender generally deals with counteracting various malicious applications, unfortunately it can still cause quite a large dose of completely unexpected attractions. Currently, external software vendors are struggling with the problem of this tool not working properly.

It turned out that Windows Defender recognizes some files as a potential threat, which is a problem for many software development companies – the problem especially concerns laptop manufacturers who attach to their hardware a package of company programs with which, unfortunately, Microsoft’s “antivirus” does not necessarily like

Of course, the giant from Redmond has proposed a solution that will appeal to many manufacturers – Microsoft has announced that the easiest way to bypass this issue is to publish the program in the Microsoft Store, because only certified and fully compatible with Defender items go there.

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The company will also try to force digital signing of files in the program’s structure – however, certification must be done through Microsoft’s headquarters, and signatures must be consistent with what the software manufacturer will offer at the beginning of this process. This means that updating the application may be somewhat difficult, at least at the beginning of the program’s presence on the market. In practice, therefore, the fight against incorrect operation of Windows Defender will not be so simple.