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“Fake news” is a new plague of the Internet. Are we able to effectively verify the reliability of all found messages in the era of information society feeding on more and more numerous reports from online media? According to Microsoft, it is not users who should be responsible for this. Although common sense will always come in handy, the new giant’s way of fighting “journalistic ducks” can be a very practical tool.

Microsoft’s browser will verify fake news

Who has never been fooled by the so-called “fake news”, let him first throw the keyboard … False, often duplicated by smaller Internet media information is a real plague lately. How to fight it? Checking several sources and, above all, paying more attention to their reputation, makes it very easy to verify “journalistic ducks”. And yet, often browsing the latest news “quickly” we do not have time for such a careful analysis. Microsoft’s new tool is therefore to help users find only true information. How is the new thing announced to work?

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Microsoft implements the “NewsGuard” extension to the mobile version of the “Edge” browser

Compatible with the Windows 10 version of the “Microsoft Edge” browser. However, you can also use the handy tool via a mobile version of the browser. At a time when it is the smartphones and tablets that are our primary source of information is an absolute necessity, as the representatives of the technology giant emphasize. “NewsGuard” is a tool founded by two journalists, Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz, which on the basis of several criteria is very effective in assessing the credibility of a given website. The parameters to be taken into account include transparency regarding the financing methods of a given website and its owners, the number of headers included in the “clickbaits” category and whether a given page already has previous “failures” in the form of published “fake news”. Strengthened cooperation with Microsoft can therefore help you choose a set of credible online sources that you can rely without thinking about.

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