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Fast Company has released a new report showing the most innovative companies in the world. The top ten includes many well-known brands, but there are also a few surprises. One of them is the decline of Apple from the first to … seventeenth place in the context of innovation. All this is only refreshed equipment with an apple logo and slow sale of new products. However, the FC editors assume that Apple will return to the top in the coming years – mainly by the long-term strategy chosen by this producer.

So how exactly is the ranking presented? This year, a company from outside the United States was on the podium. The first brand from the USA was only in third place. These companies are to exert the greatest influence on industry and culture, and they are developing at an amazing pace:

Meituan Dianping

Meituan Dianping is a Chinese company dealing in the production of applications from the entertainment, tourist and medical sectors. In the first half of 2018, Meituan Dianping carried out more than 27 billion transactions for a total value of 33.8 billion dollars – all thanks to 350 million people.


Grab is a company located in Singapore – it is also a direct rival of Uber, who managed to literally throw Americans out of his region. In 2018, the brand has reached a billion dollars in revenues, and this number is growing all the time.

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NBA beat the attendance records in individual matches in 2018, and the number of subscribers to digital services increased by 3 percent. Total revenue increased by as much as 25 percent – partly due to e-sport and digital entertainment.

Walt Disney Company

In the war of streaming services, Disney is now the biggest competitor to Netflix. This year, the company will launch the Disney + streaming service offering a library of films and exclusive programs. Walt Disney Company therefore grows into a real giant in the industry.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is ​​an e-commerce company that deals with data analysis and the option to subscribe to clothing. In 2018, the company generated $ 1.2 billion in profit. The company’s operation is based on analyzing the data and tastes of individual clients in the context of fashion and clothing.


Sweetgreen has 91 restaurants in eight US states – this year is to open another 15 of them. The company uses a specially designed application to conveniently and quickly deliver meals to its customers – the program has collected over a million people.

Apeel Sciences

Thanks to a grant from the Bill Gates foundation, James Rogers found a way to slow down the rate at which food spoils. His company has created a special coating for avocado, which is sold in 250 grocery stores. Currently, the company is working on new solutions for several dozen different products.

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Square is responsible for the development of the wireless payment area – the company showed Terminal Square Terminal, which is a multifunctional tool for handling credit cards: along with wireless connectivity and a touch screen. This device handled US $ 23 billion worth of transactions in the US.


The Swedish brand offers an alternative to milk in the form of powdered oats. Since the company has hit the US market, it has been a real success. In 2017-2018, the brand’s revenues increased from 1.5 million to over 15 million dollars. Oatly is currently available in 2,500 cafes and 1,500 grocery stores.


Twitch in recent years has become a real mecca for people following digital entertainment and e-sports competitions and tournaments. The community of players on the portal is huge, and Twitch itself offers a wide range of materials from watching: from game broadcasts to individual channels dealing, for example, with art.