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The largest social platform does not let you forget about it and – unfortunately – it reminds itself again in a not necessarily positive way. Once again, we have to deal with the proof of non-compliance with the privacy rules by the portal, which at every possible opportunity proclaims slogans emphasizing that the protection of user data is treated as its priority.

It turns out that the “passwords” of hundreds of millions of people registered on Facebook have been kept for several years in the form of … an ordinary text file, accessible to thousands of employees of the company. Of course, the official statement stated that the data has not been abused in any way. Okay, so what?

Facebook is currently researching a whole series of security vulnerabilities, which led to the fact that Internet users’ passwords were saved in an unencrypted form and sent to the internal server in the form of text. One of the employees of the company decided to comment on the case, but agreed to provide information only anonymously.

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facebook password leaks
facebook password leaks

The investigation initiated by Facebook now indicates up to about 600 million passwords that may not have been properly secured. The company is still trying to determine the exact number of “disclosed” accounts – for the time being, it was possible to fully identify the password grouping file from 2012.

Similar gaps were also detected in the Github and Twitter code. The management of both platforms also admitted the error – but it was done on a much smaller scale. As for Facebook, the problem was first noticed in January, when programmers noticed a specific error while browsing the code, and hence – a text file with passwords.

Such a discovery led the “team” to create a small group that is responsible for analyzing the situation.

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