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The Chinese internet cleanup project continues. This time the government targeted the video-social applications such as TikTok. Their producers may have problems if something contrary to China’s policy goes to the website.

Just a few days ago, we wrote about the way in which citizens using VPNs are treated in China. A man was punished with a fine of PLN 550 for repeated use of the program operating as a virtual network. Earlier, another man was punished with a much more serious punishment. Wu Xiangyang was sentenced to five and a half years in prison. The man traded VPN services. In addition to the time off sentence, he also had to pay a fine of $ 72,790, the equivalent of all his earnings from illegal trade.

Continued surveillance and changes in law in China. According to the recently proposed guidelines, application developers will be responsible for all content posted on websites. If they actually enter into force, they can cause enormous chaos.

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And there should be over 100 different types of prohibited content among the guidelines, according to The Financial Times. Some of them may be understandable because of the principles governing China, but others reach absurdity. For example, it is forbidden to promote “the cult of money”, the independence of Taiwan, or “spells changing human destiny”.

There are already 150 million Chinese citizens on TikToku alone. How to correct such a huge amount of content? It is practically impossible. To do this, the service would have to accept all content manually.

It is not yet known whether the new rules will come into force, but probably so. For smaller producers, they practically close the market to China. A small number of employees may not allow sufficient content monitoring, which may result in significant financial penalties.