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The winter season is at its best – the younger can enjoy free from school, the older ones frustrate by shoveling the car every morning – and with us, as usual, the power of attractions and … applications. Here is the selection of the best, in our opinion, apps on iOS (January 2019).


An excellent widget application that will allow us to have all the most important information always at hand – also on the locked screen. Instead of cluttering up notes there, it’s worth investing in something specially tailored for the occasion – and more importantly, it works fantastically in action!

Drafts 5

Notes available for years remain one of the best products in its category. Drafts is a specific tool for more demanding users. Learning to work with the application will take a while, but I guarantee you that it is worth it. Especially if you want to take notes by speaking to your smart watch from Apple.


An application whose ambition is to help us focus while working and performing everyday tasks. It is not over-composed, and the local repertoire prepared by professionals stands at the highest level. The main application screen is based only on the simple player and background graphics. Here you will also find a button that opens the menu with available audio tracks. There are a total of 25, but only less than half have already been 100% approved by users and programmers working on the application. The 13 remaining music loops were placed in the “Labs” category and labeled “beta”. This means that these songs are only tested in terms of their effectiveness in our concentration. In addition, each “program” can be run in one of three modes. Depending on how much of the musical energy we need, we can switch between the “low”, “medium” and “high” variants.

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Fuzion has ambition. Well, there is no denying that you can really do really great miracles there. Instead of retro filters – the application puts on a double exposure. And it comes out really cool – check it out!


A great tool that works with a whole range of platforms. Perfect in its simplicity, very easy to use, and at the same time extremely powerful – remarkable and most noteworthy.


A planner who wants us to dance when he plays. Every day we start the day with planning. The application recommends certain tasks based on a previously created list, goals that we have not managed to implement in the past and our habits, which we try to stick to regularly. Before starting work, we just need to know what activities we want to focus on in the coming hours. In this way, our task list for a given day arises and it will set us the rhythm of work. After each day we receive a short report that allows us to determine the effectiveness of our activities.