facebook password leaks

Facebook has stored hundreds of millions of user passwords in the form of … an ordinary text file for many years

The largest social platform does not let you forget about it and – unfortunately – it reminds itself again in a not necessarily positive way. Once again, we have to deal with the proof of non-compliance with the privacy rules by the portal, which at every possible opportunity proclaims slogans emphasizing that the protection of […]

intel spoiler flaw

“Spoiler” is another serious vulnerability detected in Intel processors

The Core family is full of holes like Swiss cheese. The dust with Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities did not settle down … and another critical vulnerability in the security of Intel chips was found. It’s about the vulnerability known by researchers as Spoiler, recognized in all Intel processors, from the first series of Core units. […]


Another Apple slip – using certificates, pirates distributed hacked versions of iOS applications

One spy application was enough for the whole Apple Enterprise Certificate idea to be ruined. First, we learned that by using the certificate from the giant Cupertino Facebook could get data about users, then it turned out that Google did it too. Soon after, it came to light that in this way, applications related to […]